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Learn more about student efforts to support wellness and mental health at the Medical School.

More Student Resources

Before matriculation at the Medical School, Year 2 students reach out to rising Year 1 students introducing them to the Al’s Pals program that links second-year students with rising Year 1  students. Incoming students complete a brief questionnaire with information that facilitates an optimal match. This program serves as an additional avenue of information and support for incoming students, including questions about Providence, adjusting to medical school classes, etc.

Med^2 seeks to optimize student opportunities for wellness and mindfulness. We bring students together to practice mindfulness through student-led meditations and organized wellness events, such as yoga classes and seminars on mindfulness. As part of the growing community of mindfulness practitioners at Brown, we hope to help others cultivate mindfulness skills for navigating medical school and beyond.

SOS is a student-run program pairing M3/M4 students with M2's preparing to take Step 1. The purpose of Step 1 SOS is to provide advice, motivation, and peace of mind to those who are going through this stressful process. Mentors are NOT meant to be content tutors. Mentors are meant to use your experiences to guide second years through what can be a stressful period.

The Chat. Process. Reflect.(CPR) course consists of optional sessions where students engage in restorative activities that accommodate unique perspectives on wellness and encourage students to reflect on their clinical experiences in meaningful ways.  This course occurs during the 3rd year of medical school and is facilitated by fourth-year medical students.